АЬɑпԀᴏпᴇԀ Ԁᴏɡ ᴄᴏᴜρʟᴇ һᴜɡѕ ᴇɑᴄһ ᴏтһᴇг ɑʟʟ тһᴇ тɪᴍᴇ, тᴏᴜᴄһɪпɡ тһᴇ һᴇɑгтѕ ᴏf ρɑѕѕᴇгѕЬʏ. /1

A series of lovely photos of two dogs are being shared by netizens. Not only are they always together, but the two dogs also hug and protect each other
In a ruthless, calculating world, it’s important to have someone to lean on. That is the meaning drawn by netizens in a series of photos of two lovely dogs that greet each other anytime, anywhere in China.

Accordingly, a small black dog rests in the lap of a larger yellow dog. Maybe that’s the only thing the yellow dog does to protect his best friend.

This cute couple has been raised by a kind-hearted girl in an undetermined temple.


Two poor dogs hugging each other.





Two adorable dogs are raised by a nun.


Friendship of two dogs

Netizens were completely “melted” by the affection of the two adorable dogs and blamed the careless owner for abandoning them on the street.

“How can people be so cruel? They shouldn’t buy those dogs if they can’t take good care of them,” one netizen wrote.

“Oh poor dog. Looking at its sad eyes also understand how it must have suffered”, another commented.

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