After a week of being chained, the sick dog was freed and had a life better .(video) Lien

After a lifetime of being chained, a dog is finally liberated and free to live a better life.



The first decade of Chico’s life was a lonely one. The pit bull was adopted by a rural North Carolina family over ten years ago. His owners locked him up in a tiny, dirt yard filled with rubbish and lacked any type of companionship.

According to The Dodo, the dog’s dismal existence grabbed the notice of neighbor Gricel Guerrero, who attempted talking to the family about neglecting Chico.


“I told them the dog required vet care and daily walks, but they always insisted the dog was OK, and that he was naughty and was too violent to other dogs to not be chained,” Guerrero told The Dodo.

“Every time I saw the dog abandoned out there it would hurt my heart, but I couldn’t do anything,” she continued. “Until one day I declared, enough is enough.”

Guerrero started calling rescues for help removing the dog, but many of them were too far away or reluctant to help. Finally, Diva’s Safe Haven & Thrift consented to take in Chico. With a new home for the canine in sight, Guerrero addressed his present owner’s about releasing the dog. After a quick chat, the family decided to give the pit bull up and the rescue retrieved him that day.


Thanks to Guerrero’s determination, Chico is receiving the medical attention he critically needs. The dog came mostly deaf. Doctors also identified several tumors and arthritis in his back legs, he will spend a long of his days at Diva’s, welcoming new pups and playing with the staff.


This a shift that the dog has welcomed with open paws. Staff at Diva’s appreciate the new addition and claim that even after a decade of neglect, Chico is still a pleasant gentleman.


One sunny morning, as the birds chirped and the gentle breeze rustled through the trees, a sick dog lay on a cold, hard floor, his spirit dampened by the heavy chains that bound him. Day after day, he watched the world pass by, unable to experience the simple joys of running freely or feeling the grass beneath his paws.

But fate had something extraordinary in store for this unfortunate canine. A compassionate soul stumbled upon the dog’s heart-wrenching plight while browsing through a social media platform. A video had been shared, capturing the dog’s desperate eyes pleading for help. Touched by this sight, the person decided to take action and embarked on a mission to bring the dog to a better life.

A team of rescuers was quickly assembled, armed with determination and a deep sense of empathy. They arrived at the location where the dog had been held captive, ready to set him free from his chains. With gentle hands and soothing words, they carefully unlocked the shackles that had confined him for far too long.

As the dog felt the weight of the chains lifted off him, a spark ignited within his weary eyes. Slowly, he stood up, his once feeble legs gaining strength with each passing moment. It was as if he knew that his life was about to change forever.

The rescuers transported the dog to a nearby animal shelter, where he received the love and care he had been deprived of for so long. Veterinary professionals tended to his physical ailments, providing medication and nursing him back to health. Volunteers showered him with affection, offering belly rubs and warm cuddles, gradually erasing the scars of his past.

With each passing day, the dog’s transformation became more evident. His matted fur regained its shine, and his sad eyes began to sparkle with joy. He discovered the pleasures of daily walks, his nose exploring new scents and his tail wagging with unbridled excitement. The shelter became his temporary home, a place where he learned to trust and to be loved.

Word of the dog’s incredible journey spread like wildfire. The video that had initially captured his despair was now being shared worldwide, inspiring others to help animals in need. Generous donations poured in, allowing the shelter to improve its facilities and care for even more abandoned and mistreated animals.

Months passed, and the day finally arrived when the dog found his forever home. A kind-hearted family had seen his story and felt an instant connection. They opened their hearts and their home to this once-sick and chained dog, providing him with the love and comfort he had yearned for.

Now, the dog spends his days surrounded by warmth and affection, cherished as a beloved member of the family. He explores vast open fields, chasing butterflies and basking in the sunlight. The dark days of being chained are nothing but a distant memory, replaced by the vibrant colors of a life filled with love and freedom.

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