AN ENORMOUS sea monster with a gargantuan gaping mouth like a car boot has been found lurking in the Pacific Ocean.[video].d

MONSTER: The giant fish stares at the camera with dead eyes (Image: TWITTER)

Japanese fishermen were shocked after hauling in the colossal catch off the island of Hokkaido – near eastern Russia.

The terrifying creature has been identified as one of the largest bering wolffish ever recorded.

Wolffish normally only grow up to 112cm and weigh 15kg – but the picture shows a Japanese fish enthusiast struggling under the weight an example estimated to be 2m long.


HEAVY: The giant fish may have been affected by radiation from a nuclear power station (Image: TWITTER)

The head of a wolffish make up a fifth of their body – and this beast could fit a human child in its mouth without stretching.

But – despite their monstrous looks and scary name – wolffish dine on crabs and mollusks.

In fact this one is in danger of becoming lunch – of the man holding it.

Hiroshi Hirasaka – who posted the photos on Twitter – hunts down and EATS bizarre creatures around Japan and the world.

His Twitter profile states: “I live to chase interesting creatures,” and he has written a book called Exotic Fish Species: I Caught, Judged and Tried Eating.

Of his latest caught he wrote: “It was worth flying to Shiretoko [Hokkaido] twice within three months. This guy is super cool!”

Giant catfish were discovered near the site of a nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in Russia last year.

This huge catch may prompt questions of the effect of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster after a Tsunami in 2011.


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