ᴇтᴇгпɑʟ ʟᴏʏɑʟтʏ: ʜᴜѕᴋʏ ρᴜѕһᴇѕ ⱳһᴇᴇʟᴄһɑɪг тᴏ һᴇʟρ ԀɪѕɑЬʟᴇԀ ᴏⱳпᴇг ᴍɑᴋᴇ ɑ ʟɪᴠɪпɡ fᴏг 10 ʏᴇɑгѕ /1

Not only can carry people in a wheelchair, the Arctic dog also knows how to stay in the right lane, stop at red lights when participating in traffic.

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Mr. Nguyen Van Dung (70 years old, living in An Phu ward, Thuan An town, Binh Duong) is the owner of this intelligent Arctic dog.


This dog was bought by a nephew abroad for Mr. Dung in 2015.


According to Mr. Dung, when he first brought the Arctic dog to raise it, it was small or sick, so he often had to take the dog to the hospital for examination, so it was very expensive. This dog’s daily food is beef with chicken bones to promote health.

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The idea of ​​a dog sledding a wheelchair was made by him when he saw it on television, and found the Arctic dog to pull a sled very interesting. On the other hand, someone said that sick dogs need exercise and sleds to be healthy, so he began to plan for dogs to pull wheelchairs.

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So every day, Mr. Dung tied the leash, tied the dog to the front, and then he sat in a wheelchair to practice.

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At first, the dog did not listen, but Mr. Dung used hand movements, whistles, and words to train it, gradually it got used to it.

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This dog not only knows how to pull a car, but it also knows how to obey traffic laws such as going on the right side of the road, seeing the green light is to go, the red light is to stop.Video: Biting the sofa, the dog cried when his owner scolded him

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“This dog is very strong, can pull people weighing up to 70-80 kg, I alone weigh more than 50 kg”, Mr. Dung said.

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Many fans on the road also asked to take pictures with the intelligent arctic dog as a souvenir.

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Mr. Dung confided: “Many people ask to buy back my Arctic dog, but I won’t sell it at any price. I raise it to keep it company with me in old age, and pulling the cart is just to make it healthy.”

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