Funny moment of a dog when his owner cuts his hair with a funny face (VIDEO) .d

A dog named Buddy has lived a happy and comfortable life in the Smith family home. Buddy is a long-haired dog and his coat has grown thick and long which makes him seem a bit messy and bulky.

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One day, when Buddy’s owner, Sarah, saw the dog’s thick fur, she decided that it was time for Buddy to get a haircut to give him comfort in the hot summer. Sarah found a reputable pet store and took Buddy there.

When Buddy entered the store, he felt a little confused and worried. However, the store’s staff is very friendly and listens to every Buddy story from Sarah. They understood that Buddy needed a proper haircut to both provide comfort and keep his lovely appearance.

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A professional barber approaches Buddy with gentleness and love. He helps Buddy relax and feel safe during the haircut. Buddy grew more and more trusting and comfortable with the barber, and he knew he would be well taken care of.

Barbers begin their work with meticulousness and sophistication. Buddy feels instantly cooler and more comfortable as the thick coat is clipped. He could feel the breeze against his fur, and Buddy felt more confident with his new fur.

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When the job was done, Buddy became a whole new dog. His coat has been styled into a lovely and weather-appropriate haircut. Buddy sees himself in the mirror and feels satisfied and proud of his new appearance.

When Sarah came to pick up Buddy, she couldn’t recognize her dog at first glance. But when she saw happy eyes and happy wagging tail

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