Playful and creative husky transforms entire apartment during three-hour solo adventure. .h

If you leave your dog alone for a few hours, you can expect he makes some mess and chews a sock or two, but the last thing you think he can do is proving himself an artist.
Lesson learned the hard way for a family who decided to go to the cinema leaving their Husky home alone, unaware of his obsession for interior design.
The dog stumbled upon a jar of ink and walked for the entire house with his dirty paws, accidentally turning it into a very particular piece of art.

The Imgur user who uploaded his dog’s work explained the pooch luckily used a “traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice” which is “100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human.”

He doesn’t feel so guilty after all

This is the minimalist part of the Husky’s piece of art.

Here is the Impressionist attempt.

And some influence from Futurism.

At least the ink he used was 100% bio…

… And non-toxic for humans and animals.

“Wait, I’m not allowed on the bed. I’m such a good boy”

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