Тһᴇ Ⅼɑѕт СɑρтᴜгᴇԀ ᴍᴏᴍᴇпт: 24-Υᴇɑг-ᴏ̃ʟԀ Fɪгᴇfɪɡһтᴇг ʜᴇгᴏɪᴄɑʟʟʏ Dᴇρɑгтѕ Fᴏгᴇᴠᴇг Аfтᴇг Ѕᴜᴄᴄᴇѕѕfᴜʟʟʏ Rᴇѕᴄᴜɪпɡ ɑ Dᴏɡ fгᴏᴍ ɑ Fɪгᴇ. /1

Smoke, sweat and tears… all ripped apart the peaceful atmosphere of an early August afternoon. In the fire at karaoke bar No. 231 Quan Hoa (Quan Hoa ward, Cau Giay district) today. There were 3 fire protection police who died and left many regrets in the hearts of those who stayed. It was Comrade Dang Anh Quan – Team leader of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Team, Comrade Do Duc Viet, Fire Prevention Officer and Comrade Nguyen Dinh Phuc, an army soldier.

Bức ảnh xúc động về chàng chiến sĩ cứu hỏa trước khi hy sinh vì làm nhiệm vụ: Lời nhắn nhủ thân thương tràn đầy sự tử tế - Ảnh 1.

Karaoke bar fire on Quan Hoa street

Still wearing protective gear, still fully equipped with fire extinguishing equipment and an enthusiastic spirit that is not afraid of danger to rush into the big fire to save people. None of them knew that this would be their last time fighting the fire.

When they arrived at the scene, the 3 comrades of the fire police team implemented the policy of organizing fire fighting and rescue, instructing 8 people to get out safely, and at the same time continuing to return to search and rescue.

Only when the 3 comrades reached the 4th floor, the stairs collapsed, blocking the fire hydrant and the ceiling suddenly collapsed on top of them, causing the soldiers to die heroically on the spot. And the last memory they leave with the people is the heroes who are ready to fight with the sea of ​​fire when others run out.

Receiving news about the incident, many relatives and friends of the soldiers could not hide their shock and shock at the sudden departure of the three “heroes”. On social networks, many readers expressed their grief and compassion. In particular, when reading the status lines, the photos that comrade Duc Viet – one of the 3 firefighters who sacrificed to share the process of doing the task made netizens even more heartbroken.

In many moments shared on the personal page, the image of a young firefighter with a sweaty face and dirty hands is stroking the dog with affectionate eyes that he has just saved from a battle. Fire makes people emotional more than anything. “Hi, the character I took out of the fire today. Are you pregnant? Wishing you to give birth to cute, healthy and brave puppies like you today” – battle Doctor Duc Viet shared after completing his mission at a fire in January 2021.

Bức ảnh xúc động về chàng chiến sĩ cứu hỏa trước khi hy sinh vì làm nhiệm vụ: Lời nhắn nhủ thân thương tràn đầy sự tử tế - Ảnh 2.

A 24-year-old firefighter and the emotional story of a dog rescued from a fire. Photo: FBNV

From the gestures in the picture to the emotions in each sentence, you can see the sincere kindness from the young soldier. In the eyes of relatives and friends, he is a strong person when fighting in the sea of ​​fire but also rich in affection and love in life.

With the instinct of a firefighter, every time he heard the news of a fire, even though it was not his duty, Lieutenant Viet still felt worried. “Last night, I listened to the radio and saw that someone was trapped in the house and now can’t get out and is hiding in the toilet. I’ve heard that I’m worried, fortunately I read the news that the rescue was successful.” , those are the words he often shares on his personal page.

Bức ảnh xúc động về chàng chiến sĩ cứu hỏa trước khi hy sinh vì làm nhiệm vụ: Lời nhắn nhủ thân thương tràn đầy sự tử tế - Ảnh 3.

Lieutenant Viet (far left) and his comrades after a battle with the fire in May 2021. Photo: FBNV

Few people know that, 4 years ago, he was the main character in the story “The apprentice firefighter carries vegetables to help two old people” accompanied by a video carrying vegetables to help the old man. It is known that at that time, he was still a final year student at the University of Fire Prevention and Fighting, interning at the Fire Department No. 9, Ha Dong, Hanoi.

Bức ảnh xúc động về chàng chiến sĩ cứu hỏa trước khi hy sinh vì làm nhiệm vụ: Lời nhắn nhủ thân thương tràn đầy sự tử tế - Ảnh 4.

He once caused a stir in the online community with the story of helping an old woman cross the street

Reportedly, on the way back from the office, he happened to meet an elderly woman carrying vegetables across the intersection. Seeing that the old man had difficulty walking and carrying heavy objects, he immediately ran over to help. Comrade Duc Viet shared that helping others is a good thing to do without reason, helping others makes him feel happy.

He also confided that since he was a child, he had witnessed several fires, saw people being saved from fires by firefighters, from which he wished to become a true firefighter.

In the end, comrade Duc Viet also fulfilled his own dream, dressed as a firefighter, transformed into a “superman” to save people. For lieutenant Viet, each battle with the fire enemy is a difficult time, but the feeling of saving people from death makes him happier than ever.

The sacrifices of the fire prevention and fighting comrades showed the spirit of courage, determination and not afraid of danger. For them, the task of saving people’s lives is always the top priority. That quality, that image and that heart will be remembered forever.

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