The woman who tried to help the 120-pound uncle successfully lose weight to overcome his obesity .(video) Lien

Woman Helps 120-Pound Pit Bull Shed The Pounds And ‘Become A Dog’ Again

Kellie volunteers at her local animal shelter walking dogs when she caught sight of an enormous Pit Bull. Margo the Pit Bull was found as a stray weighing an astounding 120 pounds! She had to lose at least 50 pounds.

Kellie couldn’t get the overweight Pit Bull out of her mind so she decided to foster her with the help of One Love Arizona. That meant Margo had to be on a strict diet and every day they went on a walk. With the help of Kellie and her foster brothers Barry and Fiona, Margo began to shed the pounds.

As she began to feel better she began to play and turn more into a dog. Eight months later, she had her finally weigh in – she surpassed her goal!

Margo started at 120 pounds and her current weight is 63 pounds!

It all began when the woman, let’s call her Sarah, noticed the deteriorating health of her beloved uncle, John. John had been struggling with obesity for years, and his weight had reached a staggering 130 pounds above the recommended range for his height and age. Concerned for his well-being, Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands and help her uncle reclaim a healthier lifestyle.

Sarah understood that tackling obesity required a multifaceted approach involving dietary changes, exercise, and emotional support. She initiated an open conversation with John, expressing her genuine concern and her willingness to support him throughout his weight loss journey. John, overwhelmed by her love and concern, agreed to embark on this challenging but life-changing endeavor.

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Together, Sarah and John formulated a comprehensive weight loss plan. They consulted with a nutritionist to develop a personalized diet that would address John’s specific dietary needs while ensuring he received adequate nutrition. Sarah took on the role of meal planning and preparation, carefully selecting wholesome and nutritious foods to replace John’s previous unhealthy choices.

Recognizing the importance of physical activity, Sarah encouraged John to incorporate exercise into his daily routine. They began with simple activities such as regular walks and gradually progressed to more challenging workouts as John’s fitness improved. Sarah actively participated in these activities, providing the necessary motivation and companionship to keep John motivated.

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Obesity often has emotional and psychological aspects that cannot be overlooked. Sarah recognized this and made sure to offer unwavering emotional support to her uncle. She celebrated his milestones and victories, reminding him of his progress and boosting his confidence during moments of self-doubt. Sarah also encouraged John to seek counseling to address any underlying emotional issues that might have contributed to his obesity.

Throughout the journey, Sarah documented their progress in a video diary. She aimed to create a visual representation of their experiences, capturing the highs and lows, and showcasing the remarkable transformation that John was undergoing. The video would serve as a source of inspiration not only for John but also for others struggling with obesity, illustrating the power of determination, support, and resilience.

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