This Dog Dad Waited Outside A Vet Clinic While The Mother Gave Birth Made The Online Community Cry. Thai

Recently in Cariacica, the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, a very unsusual thing hapened. Earlier this month, security cameras captured a lonely dog walking up to the doors of a vet clinic. The pup waited there a while until a vet named João Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira came out to check on her. The vet noticed that she was pregnant and about to give birth. Without hesitation, he took her into the clinic.


There, the dog named Amiga (Friend) safely and under amazing care gave birth to six beautiful puppies. Amiga knew where she had to go and what she needed to do to keep her puppies safe and healthy.

However, the surprise didn’t end there. While Amiga was giving birth, the father of the puppies (educated guess of the vets) was waiting patiently outside the clinic. The whole family is now safe and sound and is waiting to be adopted.

In the city of Cariacica, the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil, an unusual thing happened

It’s no secret that there are many stray animals in the world, especially in Brazil. It’s really sad to see an animal with no home, family, or safe place where it would be taken care of. Thankfully, there are people out there in the world that don’t turn their backs on helpless creatures and find a way to make their life at least a little easier and better.

A dog was seen on security cameras walking up to the clinic

Image credits: vetcampogrande

The pupper slowly approached the doors of the clinic

Image credits: vetcampogrande

This story shows us that not only are animals smarter than most of us think but that some veterinary workers are heroes. The vet could have just left Amiga on the streets, but he didn’t. He took time off from his day and helped her deliver the puppies. He didn’t get paid for it, the vet did it out of kindness and care.

And waited there for a while

Image credits: vetcampogrande

After some time, a doctor named João Áureo Rodrigues came out to check on her

Image credits: vetcampogrande

Whenever I create these types of articles, I always want to remind people how important it is to make sure you can and will take care of a pet before you get one. Pets are huge responsibilities, not toys to play with whenever you please, and then just throw away. Please make sure to weigh the pros and cons before getting a pet. For you, it might seem like just fun and games, but for them, it’s their life and happiness.

He saw that the dog was pregnant and was about to give birth

This Dog Dad Waited Outside A Vet Clinic While The Mother Gave Birth To 6 Puppies

This Dog Dad Waited Outside A Vet Clinic While The Mother Gave Birth To 6 Puppies

This Dog Dad Waited Outside A Vet Clinic While The Mother Gave Birth To 6 Puppies

The vet took her inside and gave her all the care she and the puppies needed

In the clinic, the pup named Amiga (Friend) gave birth to 6 beautiful and healthy puppies

If you’re considering getting a pet, please try to go to a shelter in your city. There are so many amazing pets in them. If you adopt a pet from a shelter, they will be forever grateful to you. You will have a life-long companion by your side. And if you don’t want a pet or can’t adopt one, please consider donating or volunteering at a shelter. The shelters always need something and anything, even the smallest things, help!

To everyone’s surprise, the father (probably) of the puppies was waiting outside the clinic for the new mommy

Amiga knew where to go to get help and care. Now, she and her puppies are safe and sound. They are currently waiting to get adopted!

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