We saw how they couldn’t be separated and how happy they were when they were reunited after months apart. /1

When we adopted our child, we met another family, who had his younger brother, once a month. We saw how inseparable they were, how happy and sad they were for days after we parted them. So we decided to ask for another family brother. It was difficult… But in the end they agreed.

As soon as we put them in the car, we saw them like this… Their eyes say it all!!!! I have never seen them happier with so many emotions. Yes, animals have feelings and I need to talk about it and respect it. That is our animal parent role.

The moment we brought our new furry child into our home, we encountered another family who had its sibling, visiting once a month. We witnessed how inseparable they were, the happiness and sadness they experienced in the days following our separation. It was then that we made the difficult decision to request the adoption of the sibling from the other family.

The process was not without its challenges, but ultimately, they agreed. As we loaded them into the car, we saw their expressions… Their eyes said it all! I have never seen them happier, with such a range of emotions. It was a confirmation that animals do have emotions, and it reinforced our commitment to communicate with them and respect their feelings. We became their animal parents.

Bringing them both into our home was a momentous occasion. The anticipation was palpable as they explored their new surroundings. We watched as they cautiously approached each other, recognizing the familiar scent and the bond they shared. In that instant, their excitement was evident, tails wagging vigorously, and joyful barks filled the room. It was a heartwarming sight that affirmed our decision to keep them together.

As the days turned into weeks, we witnessed a profound transformation within our newly expanded family. They were inseparable, constantly playing, snuggling, and supporting each other. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, and it was a reminder of the incredible capacity for love that animals possess.

It was not just their happiness that touched our hearts but also their ability to empathize with one another. When one of them wasn’t feeling well, the other would stay by their side, offering comfort and reassurance. Their unconditional love and unwavering loyalty were a testament to the deep connection they shared as siblings.

Being animal parents meant more than just providing them with food, shelter, and care. It meant understanding their emotions, nurturing their bond, and cherishing the unique relationship they had with each other. We became advocates for their happiness, ensuring they had ample opportunities for play, exploration, and socialization.

Our journey as animal parents has been filled with joy, laughter, and sometimes even tears. We

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