Woman’s Timely Rescue Saves Expectant Pitbull Mama and Her 9 Precious Puppies.dh

While driving in Mexico, Jackie and Carly saw a large pregnant dog standing on the sidewalk. Anyone could tell she was definitely skittish. However, when they gave her some food, she immediately came over to them.

The rescuers named her Poppy. The adorable Pitbull had an instant bond with Carly. She just kind of leaned on to her as if she knew them. They took her straight to the vet, who kept Poppy for two days.

They gave her a flea bath and treatment. After that, the rescuers went to meet the mama Pitbull every day. Soon, it was time for her to come home. They took the mama dog home in their car.

The innocent animal adorably snuggled and leaned on her rescuer’s arms showing how much she trusted them. She was happy to be with them and felt safe in the most challenging time.

As soon as she came home, she jumped on the couch and laid down. She was not interested in doing anything crazy and just wanted to relax and sleep. Soon, she went into labor for almost five hours.

The foster moms had never delivered puppies ever. They did not know anything about it, but the mama dog literally did everything. Jackie and Carly never thought that she would have nine puppies, but they kept coming.

Poppy had been a lovely mama. She always hugged and held her kids and kept them close. She was an amazing mother, and the puppies had made the lives of these two women happier. The foster moms were finding a forever home for these little ones. First, however, they decided to adopt Poppy as their own.

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